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    Певец: Sodom

    Песня: Remember The Fallen

    Длительность: 04:20

    Опубликовано: 2016-09-23

    Количество прослушиваний: 317

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Текст песни:

Honour the fallen heroes
See their last resting place
Perished in the battle of nations
Where they found eternal peace
Do you know the use of their decorations?
Awarded for patriotism
They left their life in fire
But don't know even why

Remember the fallen
Remember the fallen

To the command of despotic dictators
They marched to fight in a senseless war
Most of them were just puppets and children
The battle was lost before it began

Brotherly in heart and hand
Know that they never come back
With combined effort
And the believe in god
Their duty only as cannon fodder
Kamikaze as living bombs
Driven into the open knife
Deceitful and malicious

Remember the fallen
Remember the fallen

Their tormented souls will never rest
To pay us back for their innocent death
No quarter shed our proud blood
Retaliation on the warpath

Sodom-Remember the Fallen
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