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    Певец: Euglena

    Песня: After The Before

    Длительность: 02:18

    Опубликовано: 2014-09-10

    Количество прослушиваний: 344

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Текст песни:

Nothing is timeless
Day before the first day was called Eternity
Nothing is timeless
Only one sound has it`s own value
It was called the silence
Now I see a hand that brought us Truth
I even know that something worse then nothing
I wish this world have no bad, no good, no colors, no black, no white, no fear, no greed
Without us, without God
Let`s pray together
Brothers and sisters
Let`s pray together
Let`s beg our numerous Gods to give us Nothing again
Thing less nothing
No more days, no more routine of my path
It all will fall
You will understand

Euglena - Before After/After The Before
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